iconsGOOOOOD MORNING LOVES- what a gorgeous array of women to wake up to…The wonderful and cherished Carine Roitfeld styles these beauties for the Sept Issue of Bazaar …There’s a lot more women picked- but these are the ones that really are Icons to me…CINDY CRAWFORD  was one of my first obsessions of the modeling world…it began with HER face and LED to Stephanie Seymour for that body- she might have taught me what sexy means…PLEASEEEE I can literally go on and on …I have never felt like they are so pretty it’s not fair- or why am I not that skinny- or any of the other comments that come along with that universe- I’ve just always known I LOVE A DAMN GOOD MODEL- her look in the camera- the journey they take me on- and damn I wanna PAINT THAT FACE & MESS WITH THAT HAIR!!! Can u tell yet how excited I am for all the SEPTEMBER ISSUES- MY HEARTS ACTUALLY POUNDING!!!

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