a little something about me

HIIIIIII EVERYBODY … so i decided to do this blog and website because even though i work a super full schedule..i still wake up & go to sleep and my mind doesn’t stop…i find myself always giving advice to my clients friends and family…soooo i thought what can i do?


-MY LIFE MY LOVES-my brother Martin,Uncle Peter & my Aunt Lisa

1.I’m OBSESSED with magazines-top of my xmas list since i was 9

2.I keep busy traveling -NYC IS MY LOVE..Miami is my playground..Europe is EVERYTHING! & I have way more to go…..

3.Im a great cook..comes to me easily..i read recipes..look at pics and figure it out LOve It

4.I secretly wish i was an action movie star

5.DANCE as much as i can- in a Zumba class…behind my chair at work & sometimes an occasional table top

6.I have a kookie obsession w tv…people often wonder how i watch so many things

7.Im my brightest and best in early am

8.i can online shop an entire day away

9.never leave home without-JEWLERY


11.KARATE KID & FLASHDANCE influenced me the most as a kid

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