upOKAYYYYYY I SWEAR IT’S COMING LOLOLOL…. The HEAT that is…so here are some UPDO ideas- I love throwing it up when it’s tooooo HOT and when u know ur hair will be sweaty and u gotta do something…there’s a ton of options- I prefer messy or a french Twist top left…but if u try it on yourself u can do it…below are the products I love and that totally help- u guys hear me talk about Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray all the time- because it is my fave product- but even more so for DO’S!!!!  U need the grit that it has to give u staying start I posted Bumble & Bumble Mousse for BODDDDYYYY…ELNETT Hairspray old school Lovin- always works!!! MUST MUST get Long bobby pins and hair pins if u have Long Hair- it will save U!!! And then there’s extensions- for the GLAM Girls- Go for it- Clip On’s ROCK.. Sally’s Beauty Supply -Most all beauty supply places have them and get Human Hair or they SUCK!!! GIVE IT A GO!!image


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