imageGood Morning everyone…so I was thinking about FALL HAIR! Clients always apologize for bringing pictures.I love it…it at least gives me an idea of where their head is…even when its totally WRONG!!!! LOLOL I wanted to give you guys some ideas of what to look for before you come into the salon. Also these pics are some great ideas for warming up your look.

1.TRY and find a pic that resembles your length or what u imagine as a reality in the next 2 months

2.understand that a complete overhaul-meaning from black to blonde is a LONG PROCESS & shouldn’t be rushed or done ON FIRST visit..its a bit of an evolution to the perfect color-the integrity of ur hair is #1 on our mind

3.I really CAN’T STAND  when someone brings in a pic that absolutely makes no sense= if u look like Reese Witherspoon don’t bring me a pic of Sherri Shepard-lol its not going to give us an easy playing field …pay attention to ur skin tone and try and  bring something that compliments ur already beautiful skin.

4. pleaseUNDERSTAND that the pics ur looking at are all involved w lighting-ashy gold reddish blueish…these are the things we’re looking at.

5.be REALISTIC-can u imagine I had a client bring in a pic of her Golden Retriever…WTFF!!! I was so weirded out-couldnt concentrate

6. Okay SERIOUSLY!!!!!  All my ethnic girls- stop being scared of red,gold,auburn…most everyone with dark brown to black hair pull RED…AND EVERYONES all KRAY KRAY about having any red..obviously I can do color to avoid it as much as possible…but some people look amazing have some of those hues…helps hair appear shiny-which is always nice..embrace it a bit!

7.when ur STYLIST is recommending shampoos,comditioners,and leave in products…its only to make ur color stay beautiful and vibrant…its part of the deal when ur maintaing ur look-SO LISTEN TO THEM!!!

8.ABOVE ALL-take a risk!! Change it up! Experiment a bit…seasons are amazing for exploring-SO GO FOR IT & Go to a professional!!

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  44. You are always spot on when it comes to my color! You are an absolute hair genius!! Love you babe! Xo

  45. Number 5. Dying. I need to meet this person. Lmao xoxoxo great advice!!!!! Ur the best

  46. I’m so proud of you! I’m sure your posts are helping out a lot of women! Keep it up Kitty Katt!

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