victTHIS GIRL—- I LOVE VICTORIA BECKHAM ….I didn’t for a long time- all the stiff faces she makes in public- no smiles at cameras…list goes on and on of how  Bitchy she acted….UNTILLLLLL I SAW her little real life TV episode she did a couple years ago…she explained how she didn’t smile because she didn’t like her smile and was always conscious of it…she actually made me laugh the entire show!!! We all have our little issues- she’s ALLOWED !!!! Her love and dedication to her family and marriage I absolutely adore!!! They REALLY are a POWERHOUSE couple…just recently deciding she going to get into a mens line and so is HE!!!!  I HAVE REALLY ENJOYED watching her grow as a DESIGNER and growing her beautiful family!! 40 looks amazing on her & inspires me to look forward to mine in OCT.  Holding down BECKS+4 kids+fashion line= AWESOME-SEXY-POWERFUL WOMAN!!!!Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 7.25.22 AM

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