MORNINGGGGGGG ….GOOGLE HIT ME HARD @ 6am -THIS time of year always makes me so emotional-I’m overwhelmed by everything-looking back on another year and how time has passed!!! Let me tell u something if u are under 30 and reading this EVERYTHING UR PARENTS SAY IS TRUE-EVERYTIME SOMEONE SAYS “WOW TIME FLIES” IT’S TRUE!!!! It’s so mind blowing that I’m 39 -I feel like I’m maybe 27 lololololol and my heart probably still 13…ENJOY UR LIFE-KEEP UR PROMISES-RESPECT UR ELDERS-DONT BE AFRAID TO LOVE OR LOSE-DREAM BIG-WORK UR ASS OFF-LISTEN ALOT-GIVE-INSPIRE-and REMEMBER- THIS IS IT!!!!!!! MAKE IT AMAZING-LEAVE AN IMPACT-make sure u take care of that BUCKET LIST-AND SPREAD  LOVEEEEEEEEEEE-YES MOST OF ALL SPREAD LOVEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

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