Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 7.56.01 AMI’m having a major crush on Australia right now- Aussie Aussie Aussie OY OY OY –hahhahha (if u drink u know this) one reason is the outrageous new Housewives of Melbourne-totes extreme on makeup /hair & fashion and I’m loving it—this finally brings me to the pics I came upon from a Aussie show Myer and hair created by Kevin Murphy- he uses crams and pomades to sculpt these colors into the hair..if thats a little messy try the Bumble powder color spray


IMG_2984YESSSSSSSS obviously I’m one of those people who await anxiously for my Vogue Sept Issue…and it never disappoints – this time with all the faces of the Insta-famous models photographed by Mario Testino!! Of course Cara D, Joan Smalls & Karli Kloss are on front and the cover opens up to a long 3 page glossy that makes me leap with joy…just getting into it so I’ll keep u posted with more excitement…aahhhhhh fall fashion Love!!!!!


WOOOOWWWWWW SO I WAS TOTALLY INTO BE CHALLENGED – my wonderful friend Demo posted the first video I saw of people pouring an ice bucket of water over ur head to RAISE AWARENESS for ALS Disease also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Well after I saw Demo – I’ve seen it a million times over the internet- TODAY show and on & on…and I think it’s a great way to spark awareness for this cause…so I did it and I will also DONATE!!! ALS ASSOCIATION whatever we can all do – whenever we can do – may God Bless u – ONE  step at a time. PS…..NO CLUE WHY IM BOUNCING- FREEZING/NERVES!!!!


laurenANOTHER ICON PASSES …beautiful Lauren Bacall passes today at 89 – this sultry screen goddess captured the hearts of millions thru the years- we still refer her “TIME” as Old Hollywood Glamour – can’t tell u how many times people have brought in pics of her and her iconic hair – she was such a beauty and radiated class…the first person to take to HER was one My favorite people on Earth -Diane Vreeland – she wanted her for the cover of Bazaar and Bacall was only 19 years old…she said at the time “The Twist of Fate that Changed My Life Forever” I wish we made more like this…I yearn for the times of STYLED HAIR -POISE & PERFECTION..RIP LAUREN B!


Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 4.15.32 PMI DON’T HAVE TO SAY THAT I LOST ITTTTTTT when I saw the images of Rihanna in the Sept Fall issue of Wmagazine  - a completely wild theme-eskimo gone wild/sexy/meets Dances with Wolves- so amazing so cool- I mean hellllloooooo RIRI take over – but she deserves it- given it her ALL ON EVERY RED CARPET & PERFORMANCE appearance – she doesn’t do short cuts – she is a TRUE STYLE ICON and what better timing then during her MONSTER TOUR w EMINEM- JUST SMACKING IT DOWN !!!

ROBIN - Oh Captain MY Captain

R2There are no words – RIP sweet Robin Williams – I’m sure like everyone else – u saw all the pics go up on Insta & FB – so I thought maybe I’ll sit this out although terribly SAD – my basement FLOODED- and I couldn’t think straight – well I finally sat down and just started reading everything -looking thru his pics and CRYING MY EYES OUT- Mork & Mindy was the first phase – I remember skipping school (which was only once) and watching The Awakening – and it goes on and on we have grown up with him- this beautiful sweet talented soul – but always believed he had sad eyes- I’m so heartbroken for his family & friends – I pray for his soul  and thank him for so many laughs and so many tears- We have Lost one of the BEST!!!


Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 8.21.52 AMIf u were spinning around Instagram or Facebook or any other social media outlet u have already seen these BAD B’s all over-W MAGAZINE killin it– I mean Oliver Rousteing rocks my world yet again….this high cheeked Fab designer is probably the only guy who could have made this happen- 3 iconic Strong Beautiful Women all in BALMAIN – IMAN-NAOMI – and the Baddest girl RIRI-(side note -sooooooo mad her Instagram count is gone-no one really compares her to her madness) who’s also in the covergirl – I’d post all the pics for u but that’s NO Fun get the issue Wmagazine and BTW those #BLAMAINARMY hashtags are everything – everyday & I always love it!!!!


RICARDOOHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT A DREAM- Riccardo Tisci’s 40th Bday – in my favorite place IBIZA – with just a few friends – as in everyone who’s FUN FABULOUS – I mean really Riccardo did u go into my brain and decide to invite the celebs I drool over – mostly Jello of NAOMI & KATE – I Luckily have danced w/ Diddy in Ibiza in a Underground CAVE Party found in the random HILLS of the island …so I’ve had my share of fun there- of course the year I don’t go every FASHION LOVELY DID- shoot me!!!!! THAT middle pic yacht N & K loveeeee lololol But this party is how I’d like my 40th inspired- MY delicious FAB FRIENDS – in my CITY -DRESSED in Lots of Sexy Black- PERHAPS half dressed -lots of GLAM -SWEATIN & DANCIN- so everyone stay tuned – it’s almost my TURN and this girl JUST WANTS TO HAVE FUN!!!!!


bobGOOOOOD MORNING – and I definitely don’t say that…I mean this word OMBRE- is now becoming a staple… we totally thought it would be a FAD!!!!  But when this is softly and properly done the look is gorgeous and at the end of the day less damage to ur hair because ur not doing such an aggressive set of hilightes thru ur hair….I love the sun kissed feel to it allowing u to still have ur depth…on my beauty here Tanya – she likes a deep short 2 long -which allows u more options for styling and pulling ur hair UP – for styling products I used Kérastase  Nectar Thermique  - it’s a leave in thermal protector but makes ur hair SUPER STRAIGHT – finished with Kérastase Elixir Ultme for extra shine and  used no hairspray- left it soft and flowy- she’s  giving me a serious SASHA FIERCE VIBE!


iconsGOOOOOD MORNING LOVES- what a gorgeous array of women to wake up to…The wonderful and cherished Carine Roitfeld styles these beauties for the Sept Issue of Bazaar …There’s a lot more women picked- but these are the ones that really are Icons to me…CINDY CRAWFORD  was one of my first obsessions of the modeling world…it began with HER face and LED to Stephanie Seymour for that body- she might have taught me what sexy means…PLEASEEEE I can literally go on and on …I have never felt like they are so pretty it’s not fair- or why am I not that skinny- or any of the other comments that come along with that universe- I’ve just always known I LOVE A DAMN GOOD MODEL- her look in the camera- the journey they take me on- and damn I wanna PAINT THAT FACE & MESS WITH THAT HAIR!!! Can u tell yet how excited I am for all the SEPTEMBER ISSUES- MY HEARTS ACTUALLY POUNDING!!!


bridalGOOOOOD MORNING LOVES- this is my beautiful Albanian bride from the beginning of summer….AND I feel like there’s been a nice return of the “UPDO” ..and I’m totally into it…especially if it’s HOT out and u have hours ahead of u…otherwise go prepared to recurl- redo- restyle…I don’t have the magic potion that lasts for eternity when ur hair is down and it’s hot out!!! So be smart and understand the WEATHER is a part of ur day…so that’s why I’m sharing this DO- she fortunately had the longest hair so I was able to build it into this-if u don’t just run out and grab Human Hair extensions..and voila it WILL WORK!!! But the point of her’s is there’s so much softness…u see hair from all sides -so people who are concerned with SHOWING their hair off u still can- there’s fullness- softness- and sexiness…I’ll get back to u on her Makeup soon- Love u ANA!


Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.33.58 AMSo Vogue UK- NOT surprisingly chose Cara Delevingne as there Sept. issue cover… I mean this girl has single handedly made herself a super power- and mostly thru social media….it’s one of the wildest things I’ve ever seen…she’s a great model -KARL’S muse- she’s pretty- she’s BEYOND COOL- but this girl has won her audience mostly thru her Instagram..she’s a true testament to how we have changed as a society and what u can create in a click of a button!


lipsGOOOOOOD MORNING….and I’m back!!!! I surely did miss this….it’s crazy- I was so damn busy but I still wanted to get on here- such a great week of info- news and reviews lol so start ur week of right and check in with me- and I’LL send u some SPARKS for ur day!!! National Lipstick day- try something new!

SIA+MADDY (Dance Mom's) = MAGIC

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.17.25 PMI am admittingly a Dance Mom’s viewer lol but I haven’t watched in a while…so I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING!!!!!! So the other night I’m watching videos and Sia’s Chandelier(below) came on…I was in a trance immediately….and then I F^&%N screamed and jumped out of my seat…MADDDDDDDDYYYYYY!!!! OMGGGGGG MADDY from Dance Mom’s is the star of it…and deservingly so…this girl is UNREAL…do yourself a favor and watch these artist’s work!!! A big applause to Ryan Heffington choreographer.


Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.14.13 PMABSOLUTE PERFECTION –  do u REMEBER??? It was Peter Lindbergh in 1990 for Vogue UK….bringing the Supermodels together and creating an Iconic cover…I believe her we go again…. shot by Luigi & Lango …featuring Naomi Campbell- Linda Evangelista – Claudia Schiffer -Nadja Auermann -Stephanie Seymour…and then it just gets more brilliant pulling in  our present’s Vogue Japan’s 15th Anniversary Issue…and I thank them very much for taking my breathe away..the wonderful Luigi Murenu- HAIR


MARYKTIS THE SEASON- THE WEDDING SEASON- for me it’s a the crazy busy – filled with lots of madness- and  tons of LOVE!!!! I’M IMMEDIATELY drawn to all things wedding at this time because my brother & my sweet Krystal are next ….I fell upon the beautiful and simplistic styling of The Row… their longtime friend and stylist Molly Fishkin got married to producer/director Asher Levin and it was featured on …I loved the romanticism I felt looking thru these pictures… the love and friendship of these women … the care I feel they were putting into the bride- so I was thinking of bridesmaids- and their duties – I constantly see the bride alone because everyone is so consumed with how they look- it’s her day- LET UR GIRL SHINE- pamper and take care of her and make sure that all things are running smoothly…a note to my brides – I GOT U!!!


Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 7.59.39 AMGOOOOD MORNING….So True Blood is over- BYEEEE  lovely Suki- did u watch??? I did for a while and then stopped- TOO MUCH BLOOD!!! But this last season did make me crawl back… I just want it to end with Suki & Bill be backing together- as in real life …too cute!!! So Anna finished filming and decided to live her teenage dream of looking like a Mermaid – I think it’s pretty and probably so refreshing when your contracted to stay a certain color for so long- who wants restrictions …do you DARE?????


GOOOOD MORNING a great little video- with a beautiful message…ENJOY!!


dolceI can’t even bring myself to talk about anything else….why would I…here’s some more of the collection- look at the SEA – how absolutely fantastic …it is everything I would ever want in a collection- in a show – BRAVO BRAVO!!! Although I don’t have the $$ for these pieces they are sure to be recreated into my life….just wait and see….


dg3HONESTLY….CAN THIS BE REAL????? YES YES YES IT IS….DOLCE & GABBANA’S Alta Moda show and pretty much expressed a Love Letter to their country- guests arrived on boats right into CAPRI,ITALY ….this amazing Island setting was where these desires brought a culture into life – fresh air – lemon tree’s mixed with tall purple flower streaming upward…. Mambo Italiano played in the background… the extravagant large ballooned ball gowns were my favorite of the whole show- it has left me speechless and breathless- they even introduced furs at this time…from a hoodie w shorts and fur boots..SO SEXY!!! Of course in their accustomed style- CORSETS – EMBELLISHMENTS- CITRUS FRUIT PRINTS AND SO MUCH MORE…can’t keep a girl from dreaming…..dolce2


HAIRA week in hair- here are some of last weeks styles – here to inspire u- push U into ur next look- or keep the one u have a get a  TWEAK…or TWERK lol I’m so lucky that I have such a trusted clientele – I get to play with cuts and color and also make visions come true…whats ur wish???


balIS OLIVER SERIOUS???? I get home last night and this is the next slew of Couture week in Paris pics…my Insta gone KRAY!!!! OLIVER SEEMS TO HAVE RELATIONSHIP with everyone who’s HOT…and of course like it or not -leading that pack are the Kardashian/Jenner clan… This army green feel- with thick fabric his Autumn collection is every STRONG WOMENS DREAM- just a little piece would be a slice of Heaven!!! Please check collection it’s necessary!!!


hairOHHHHHHHHH TO HAVE SAM McNight’s job….he always does the hair for CHANEL…and I watch and swoon over what he’s presented…loving how fast Instagram satisfaction is…the show was happening 3 hours ago and here u are- it makes u feel like U are there! So my take on this -wrap up that back french twist style leaving all the ends up and pull it up and forward- lots of HAIRSPRAY.


RIRIWELLLLL GOOOOOD MORNING RIRI…how dare she shock us by fully covering up!!! I LOVE THIS SHOOT!!! The makeup and head pieces are amazing …the dark kohl around her eyes… a great take on this would be Guerlain The Original Creamy Khôl Me Kajal Eyeliner or L’oréal Voluminous Smoldering Liner -lined and smudged… Lips in MAC RIRI Woo ..or my red fave Ruby Woo…or NARS Jungle Red .. Wet n Wild Spotlight Red….now if only I could have that wardrobe


Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.36.18 AMThis fun and delicious candy striped inspired dress – VALENTINO Resort 2015…I posted some of the collection last week…band couldn’t resist this also….and PRIDE WEEK….as u all know I’m FULL OF GAY PRIDE…SO to all this pertains to ..let ur PRIDEEEEEE FLAG FLY…I will always to all .

Every day is so wonderful
Then suddenly it’s hard to breathe.
Now and then I get insecure
From all the pain, I’m so ashamed.

I am beautiful no matter what they say.
Words can’t bring me down.
I am beautiful in every single way.
Yes, words can’t bring me down… C.A.

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