iconsOkay so when u look thru my categories on top…u see KATT CLASS 101… alot of people say “whats that all about?” it’s about ASSISTANTS!!!! I’VE BEEN IN THIS BUSINESS FOR ALMOST 18 YEARS FMLLLLLLLL IM OLD! F$#@%K HAHAHA but thru the many years I’ve had soooooo many assistants and one day I swear I’ll have a school because the KIDS NEED HELP!!! So every once in a while I’ll post messages that would help them getting into this field…also people starting out- alongggg with ANYONE who’s feeling they need some guidance in their new venture.

SOOOOO there’s something I’m noticing with tons of the younger kids- THEY BARELY know-ICONS!!!! I MEAN are u kidding me…U don’t know who Marilyn,Jackie O,Brigitte Bardot,or Liz Taylor are…U HAVE TO KNOW THESE PEOPLE…THESE LOOKS!!!! IT IS VITAL in our careers…its easy to go school and finish with all A’s…but its AWESOME to finish and continue ur education at home…U MUST KNOW WHATS GOING ON..who’s HOT who’s NOT…what celebs wore to shows..clothing and hair styles…it is what makes us a step ahead…I am constantly pushing myself …Its NOT sexy for ur client to come in
and say I want Miley’s new haircut or give me Heidi Klums bangs and ur NOT SURE!! U gotta be DAMN SURE…UR CONFIDENCE IS CRUCIAL to the client TRUSTING U & RESEARCH UR PRIORITY!!!!

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