rwGOOOOOOOOOD MORNING I was visiting a bunch of sites this morning to see pics of what was going on in Hollywood…because Angelina Jolie kept popping up….who I LOVE and who also won the Jean Hersholt Humantarian Award @ The Governors Awards..God Bless her and all her work-she is AMAZING!!!! BUTTTTTTTTT I couldn’t get my eyes off Raquel Welch she’s 73!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGG she looks unreal-crediting her looks to a low carb diet-starting her mornings  with egg whites and Bieler’s broth-yoga 6 days a week-and tons of MOISTIZER…I have to do more research and see what the HELL she’s USING LOLOLOL-CAN I GET AN AMEN—DAMN!!!!!!

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