20131023-074601.jpgI don’t even know where to begin….but I know that at 19 years old…my aunt met my uncle and hasn’t  left our side since (I was 6) . Its her bday today and I felt the need to tell u guys about her….because she’s where it all began for me in this whole beauty OBSESSION!!!! I was SOOOOOO IN LOVE with her hair- IT WAS HUGE!!!! LOLOL SO curly and i think that’s where my VOLUME madness began-I still love big hair-but thru the years and changes-she would straighten it-OMGGGGG-made me crazyyyyyy – I was in beauty school and still couldn’t do it how she could lolol but she’d say things like- GO SLOW-U HAVE TO SECTION-GET IT FROM THE ROOT….all this sunk in & is something I say all the time to MY assistants….lessons always…and back in the 80′s my other love began-BRONZER!!!!! I’d watch her use this terracotta pot and I’ve stayed obsessed with it ever since! Above all she reminded me to always look nice and CLEAN- I was a wild kid lololol …but besides all that Dear Auntie-THANK U for being my best friend, my aunt and  MOSTLY OUR MA !!!  I love u more than I can ever say or explain in real words…U are the most special and beautiful person-even when u push me the strongest and hardest I appreciate u EVER MINUTE ( for sure she’s reading this & checking my grammar lmfaooooooo) I LOVE U MA !!!! ps. the pics above are the men in Aunties life-her papa-(damn now Im crying) who is the COOLEST SHARPEST man you’ll ever meet-hubs (uncle peter) and bottom my bro-Martin these 2 are my whole world-Thanks again mama for taking care of all of us ALWAYS-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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