oscarGOOOOOOOOD MORNING ITS OSCARRRRRRRR WEEK!!!!! IM SO EXCITED U HAVE NO IDEA!!!!! Every year I go nuts- I run to my aunt and uncles get the popcorn and snacks ready and a ton of tissues cuz I literally cry the whole time!!! lolololol swear-but really I wait to watch the hair and makeup so intently -I take notes and this time following the show on  Monday Morning on Channel 7 News with Erin Nicole & StyleLines Karen Buscemi- we will get to dish dish dish on LOVESSSSS AND HELLLL NO’S LOL….CAN’T WAIT!!! Here are some of my fave looks from the past years and Lupita Nyongo is there because she has been my seasons favorite so I’m on pins and needles waiting to see what she picks!!

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