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chocI have to share my faveeeeeeeeee new palette Too Faced Chocolate Bar - I’ve been using it non-stop …here I used the top middle nude really heavy and all over my lid and pushed it upward into crease ..on brow bone the cream matte vanilla color – brows very bottom matte dark brown and the light shimmer pink top of cheekbones as a highlighter – love all those in 1 palette –  and MY LIPS- Urban Decay 24/7 in Naked- Lipstick – Smashbox Be Legendary in Honey -GLOSS- Tom Ford Sugar Pink - all time FAVE!!!!


IMG_7100SOOOOOOO summer’s not over yet- there’s sunny days ahead even though it’s been raining like Heavens coming down on us-  lolol – on that note and vacation time MUSTS- I thought u were due some of my Top faves for a Waterproof Day – I mean I’m sure if ur in water allllllll day it won’t help but if u still wanna look great and feel the need to wear some- here’s what I got – Lancome Concealer -EFFACERNES  -Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer - I love most cheek stains – but water resistant Cargo Swimmables -  Loreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara- and make sure not rub this off with regular wipes- u need some oil to make sure ur not pulling at ur lashes – best one Almay Longwear/waterproof Remover pads - shadows I love Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoo eyeshadow creme- Make Up Forever Cream Shadow (awesome color options) - Stila Waterproof Eyeliner - lipstick loves are- Sephora 24hour Lip Last - Covergirl Outlast Lip-color - Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lip color- Smashbox Longwear Lipgloss - I love getting my pretty on while Im swimming.


Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 3.35.23 PMSO at the very TOP of page is my Beauty Buzz…I was inspired to share my travel Must’s- the link is attached to all the pics… That middle pic of the Barefoot Sweater – it’s the softest -warmest and most comfortable thing in the world – get yourself one and Thank me later – I linked it to Nordstrom but u can also buy locally at the beautiful Zeiben Mare in Franklin…the rest are just my faves!


Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 3.27.09 PMI CANNOT TELL U – how lonnngggggggg I’ve waited for UK makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury’s Line to come to the USA – I’ve ordered her stuff before payed double because it had to ne delivered over seas.. I love all the collections -Diva – Rock Star – now a little IBIZA influence…ext always keeping me stimulated…It hasnt been said exactly when????? But it’s coming and I’m DAMN EXCITED!


Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.24.34 PMRIRI does another MAC Viva Glam Campaign in a frosted metallic mauve and lipgloss for the collabo- MAC said all profits from Viva Glam Rihanna II will go to “helping women and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.” Can’t wait for it- due out Sept 11-ps I just met her and she’s absolutely beautiful -lean long and GORGEOUS- but most all super sweet and LOVELY!!


IMG_2693GOOOOD MORNING LOVES-I’m naturally dark and love a little sun but really try NOT to overdo it!!!! So over the years of reading how important it is I’ve used tons of it and always at least a 30 SPF on my face…honeyyyyy We’re not getting any younger FML LOLOLOL – here’s some of my faves I use it the 30 -but  Avene HauteProtection SPF 50  (thanks Deb- my girl told me about this one- she loves it)  look into their whole line its ‘s amaze!!! SkinCeuticals Sport UV Defense SPF 50 – great for active person… Clarins Sunscreen for Face Wrinkle Control Cream SPF 50+ ..Aveeno Active Naturals Aveeno Hydrosport SPF 30 Spray ..Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30.. Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection Primer 50.. okay now if you’ve built up a tan and ur not scared the ONLY non sunscreen browning lotion that I like is Maui Babe  made of all natural Hawaiian products and smells delicious- be smart don’t use if U know U shouldn’t- protect DON’T BURN!!!!


LILSO I finally got to using my MAC collection by Kelly Osbourne – so pretty!! The collection sold out in DAMN seconds- so now u can only really find it on Ebay -the palette came in 4 colors I used the lightest pink color on my lid and the medium lavender/gray shade in my crease and side note they’re all in a very matte tone….on my lips MAC Liner in Soar  & Lipstick MAC St. Germaine  MAC gloss in Lustrwhite and my rosy cheeks MAC Whole lotta Love 


get-attachment.aspx-12CIAOOOOO …back to the issue of STYLELINE MAG and this gorge photo Christian O’Grady (check out his website) captured…Dolce & Gabbana are one of my absolute favorite designers…. because I feel they understand & adore a curvy woman-the old world feel is ALL ME ALL DAY- LASTLY -it literally makes me want to jump into the fabric assuming it would transport me into CAPRI…lol but seriously thought that when I picked this dress…and followed it with a necklace wrapped all in her hair…their whole collection was adorned with jewels and flowers so this was my take on it! Her skin was thoroughly bronzed with Estee Lauder- Bronze Goddess…topped with MAC Modern Mandarin ..used Ardell Lashes …Maybelline Palette in Coral Oasis ..using the lightest color all over lid..the gold in crease and really smudgyyy underneath the brighter orange color ..on lips -Estee Lauder High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Peach Glass


get-attachment.aspx-13GOOOOOOD MORNING and here’s another look from the Styleline shoot – lighting and skin were the MOST vital in this shot… and this babe knows how to find the LIGHT…..Top Model style lolol – MAKEUP breakdown- I used MAC Strobe Cream  mixed with High Beam -Benefit into the foundation MAC Studio Fix Fliud..all 3 together on finger tips and spread all over… Bobbi Brown Sheer Powder for setting..and none around the eyes …keeping it moist and bright and applied more High Beam on upper cheekbone & temple area.. Bronzer-Kevin Aucoin Bronzing Veil ….lightly and all over..finished with LIP TAR -Nylon  - as for HAIR…that Amazinggggg Bun is a HUGE donut hair ring…so easy pull ur hair thru -wip around strategically -bobby pin into place- SO EASY SO FAST- Oribe Superfine Strong to hold into place -FOLLOWED with Oribe Royal Blowout for finish and MAJOR shine!!! She’s wearing Intermix shoes Saint Laurent…photos- Christian O’Grady website  - check his work AMAZING!!!!  Model -Miss. MI USA Elizabeth Ivezaj ….stay tuned for next look


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 11.50.12 PMOBSESSSSSEDDDDDD!!!! This was the makeup look that Pat McGrath created for Atelier Versace….the nude face so soft and angelic with my most dreaded word- “TEAL” (lololol) making a comeback …if I was trying to recreate this -here’s my top pics for shadow – MAC Pigment in TEAL - Sugarpill Subterranean Pressed Eyeshadow -bareMinerals in Electric..for the LINER – BECCA Creme Liner - YSL Effet Cils Shocking Liner - and the essential to clean up and make sure lines are perfect Targeted eye Remover Swabs …I love this for the DANCEFLOOR!!


get-attachment.aspx-11STYLELINE cont. …. let me tell u guys something….there was so many GORGEOUS areas to shoot at MEX- and this was one of my faves…..I’m always secretly a fairy at heart…. creating this feeling was easy for me….as soon as I grabbed this dress from COMPLEX … I knew we’d pair it with these ropes…and I kept thinking I wish she could FLY lolololol I’m a dreamer baby …heehee…but truly loveeee  Miss MI USA Elizabeth IVEZAJ here… so for the hair I used Oribe Aprés Beach…a ton of it and kept crunching it into her hair to create volume and grit… her skin- Smashbox Primer- Photo FinishYSL Youth Liberator Foundation … as  powder/bronzer and also the eye shadow - Kevin Aucoin “The Celestial “Bronzing Veil ….sooooo lovely- Lips – Tom Ford Sugar Pink! photographed by the wonderful Christian O’Grady!!!!


Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 8.15.57 AMI was so super excited to this shoot….Karen Buscemi gave me my second go at Styling the shoot along with doing hair & makeup…I love the challenge and excitement of working under that kind of pressure…anyone who knows me- as a client -friend or family- knows I WORK BEST IN MADNESS….I LOVEEEEE IT! So yesssssss bring I chose Mex in W. Bloomfield because the decor is just awesome …so many great touches I knew right when I walked in there the first time that I would shoot this was my chance… Elizabeth Ivezaj our Miss. Michigan USA is ALBANIAN- so I wanted the opportunity to make some magic together…so the next few days I’ll go thru looks of the shoot….here the head wrap is from Lee’s Beauty Supply ($3) …I love these in the summer and was feeling a Pin up girl…the Lips -MAC Redd liner ..with Ruby Woo lipstick  …Kat Von D liquid Liner …and kept everything else clean


contourGOOOOOOOD MORNING ….HAVE U contoured today? lol or thought “should I be???”  U have no idea how much this subject comes up… it has gone way too F%^$N FAR… when girls going to 8th grade dance are asking if they need it- I KNOW IT’S GONE 2 FAR!!!  In over 20 years of this business … we’ve always contoured- hilited – made ur better features shine and spend time hiding the not so great…that’s what we do as artist’s…lately Women are calling for such severe applications  …ala  “KIM KARDASHIAN”….BUT they want to look so different their looking like my main girl RUPAUL….WTF ur nottttt a dude looking like a lady!!!! YES- some contouring is beautiful and radiant…but in subtle ways- ur rearranging ur face -ur Striving for the Best U…here’s some great helpers …TARTE the SCULPTOR /Slenderizing stick … U can use this in ur cheekbone are -both sides of ur nose…chin area and forehead and I would do it after you’ve applied ur foundation and use a damp  Beauty Blender to blend together.. Senna Face Sculpting Kit….small but has all u need..hiliter – dark contour – medium for blending..also includes a brush for easier application.. for more drama Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder deeply inset of ur cheekbones is Gorgeous for a sat night…but DO NOT OVER DO IT…take a pic and see how ur looking with and without a flash …lastly found this on HSN – ybf Brighten,Hide,and Sculpt the 2 palettes it comes in and if ur not good with brushes watch the infomercial and use ur fingers all the hilghting above cheekbones & brow bone- for easier applications stick with powders and angled brushes -Hit me up on Ask Katt if u have any ???’s


Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.04.42 AMGooooood Morningggggg ….love this pic of these 2 Taylor Swift & Karli Kloss and it’s sparked me to think of my fave Liquid liners… My total obsession is Kat   Von D – Autograph eyeliner - Guerlain Liquid – Jet Black -  Buxon Lashliner - Covergirl LineBlast  - Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner - Giorgio Armani  …and for these 2 lip inspirations Taylor’s RED – I love NARS – Jungle Red  – SMASHBOX-Be Legendary - MAC – Relentlessly Red now on Karli the Nudes – WET N WILD – Bare it All -I know I know I always say this one but it’s my absolute everyday lip MAC – Kinda Sexy that I LOVEEEEEEE !!! - and finally NARS – Catfight - the names so good u gotta try it!


IMG_0609LETS TALK…..LOLOLOL CAN U BELIEVE that after a 3 day curly/bun bender this is my BRUSH OUT- HAHAHA SEXY HUH??? Kinda great- if I was going out and with a fashion crowd THIS could totally work….on a regular I think we should talk MASKS & LEAVE IN’S … I LOVE them & when my hairs been overexposed – dry -or just needs an extra kick of moisture – THEY ARE A MUST! Here are some of my FAVES–KERASTASE MASQUE FORCE ARCHITECTE - ORIBE MASQUE 4 BEAUTIFUL COLOR -LOREAL POWER MOISTURE MASK … Leave In’s and Detanglers – It’s a 10 - Bumble & Bumble Leave In - Living Proof No Frizz Leave IN …maybe when u take ur selfie u remove all ur WORK CLIPS LOLOLOL


IMG_0290HONESTLY …to look half way cute-U MUST DUCK FACE 4 A MASK SELFIE- LOLOLOLOL I love trying new ones all the time….my skin feels amazing- all over fresh and really CLEAN…PORES refined and almost a little tightening..I applied it with a thin layer- it can be difficult to remove- also used a strong gauze pad as an exfoliator in circular motions to get some extra SCRUBBIN IN -KIEHLS RARE EARTH CLEANSING MASQUE



GOOOOOOD MORNING ….I had to share this look… this lip color is heavenly …I did find myself reapplying to ensure the look would sustain the night -but I was still obsessed with it MELT cosmetics lip in Summer & MAC Razzledazzler gloss -the next great touch MAC Mandarin Orange blush this blush is my summer happiness – the finish is almost luminescent also did a light brush over my lids…and in the corner eye MAC Minted eye kohl  - GET ur summer ON!!


Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.48.05 PMOkay you’ve seen these – stickers/wraps for ur nails- u file the tip off and ur done…It’s saved me so many times now…these are my faves Melody Eshani - Rad Nails - Nasty Gal - NCLA - less expensive and sells 2 packs at a time this Etsy girl.. u can also buy basic ones at any drugstore or Sephora- locally ComplexMI has some of the Melody E – for a girl on the run (no jokeI’ve done these in my Uber on way to events)  these are so easy and when ur OVER THEM- peel em off…


IMG_0497I CAN’T EVEN STAND IT…..I LOVEEEEEE PACKAGING way toooooo much- and they definitely had me at that the SECRET GARDEN collection…moisturizing lipsticks mixed with gorgeous shimmering powders –  the nail polishes in awesome summer shades -LOVE THE PINK AND BLUE–Cheerful- radiant and fresh- PERFECT bday and shower gifts.


  1. imageMAC – CANDY YUM YUM
  3. NYX – HOT PINK (black label)


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 8.59.56 PMUMMMMMMMMMMM Can every site stop mentioning this DAMN news that that GUCCI is launching a makeup line –teasing without any pics- info – NADA- all I got for U is that the Beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi’s -AKA the Princess of Monaco (Grace Kelly’s granddaughter) will be the face of the luxury Makeup line and OBVI – Frida Gianni creative director will be heading this launch and it is also rumored to be inspired by Jane Birkin & Lauren Hutton- Classic and modern!! OMG I CANNOT WAIT TILL SEPT!!!!!!


YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO SMELL THESE DREAMY DELCIOUS CANDLES- YESSSSSS- I’ve mentioned them before- but they smell so DAMN GOOD I had to stroll u back to them …Down below is a clip with creator Doug Schwartz- a little walk thru of how these GEM’s came to fruition…Love them and Love U Doug!! Purchase at and also at ComplexMI in downtown Birmingham!!
photo-2Fox 2 News Headlines


Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 6.02.02 PMTryin to buy a fun-sexy little gift- or updating ur look with some POW- check out this Versace key Chain sold on …Black n Gold is all over the fashion scene ski’s …so this is a GREAT way to freshen up ur wardrobe….meanwhile I’d double do it and stick it on a chain on my NECK!


20140606-083546-30946963.jpgGOOOOOOD MORNING AND BABY IT’S THE WEEKENDDDDD AND IM READY TO PAAARRRRRTTTTYYYYYYY ….heehee but not before we do some LIP TALK… I was at salon yeatersay and started trying all these Your Name Cosmetics products…we carry them stop by if U want- Luigi Bruni Salon…so top right Pink Champagne…pretty slightly boring but def for a sweet date night very nice.. pinky gloss- BLOSSOM superrrrr glittery- fun for club night but so damn sticky DO NOT KISS ANYONE!!!! but sooooo FUN!! Bottom left QIQI- Fuschia Matte & MARILYN – bright orange…my take I love the mattes- I love the strong pop and makes me feel like a Pin Up Girl-Ur turn!


Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 8.09.25 PMIM GOING TO ADMIT RIGHT NOW- THAT LILLY BUGGGGGS!!!!! I wasn’t a fan of hers on the show -or Instagram or any other Social Media…buttttttt the other day a client brought in a pair of her Tehran for $8.99 and I absolutely LOVED them- they were soft and super light and offered TONS OF GLAM- but of COURSE!!!! Now I find myself on her site FML I didn’t think it would ever come to this lololol.

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