braidsSOOOOOO MANY BRAIDS ALL OVER THE RUNWAYS FOR SPRING… especially adore the upside down french braid/bun action at Badgley Mishka and easy to do at home-first off u need a partner-divide ur hair in half ear to ear is easiest-flip over and have ur partner do the french braid starting at ur nape crawling upward-when u get to the crown of ur head tighten and rubber band -next pull the left over together and create ur bun-I use LONG bobby pins and hair pins to make easier if u have a TON of hair- ALSO to finish or get my bun thicker I use ORIBE DRY TEXTURIZING SPRAY WE CARRY AT LUIGI BRUNI SALON!!! The other braid  from Alice + Olivia’s show wrap that braid all the way around if u have long hair if u don’t divide in half and meet in the middle-SUPER EASY!!!!

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