SELF2GOOOOOOD MORNING- I started writing this last night-SWEAR!!!!  Then this morning the TODAY show  said Oxford’s word of the year is -SELFIE!!!!! HILARIOUS—Okay DOWN to business- people always say to me-UR SO PHOTOGENIC!!! U NEVER TAKE A BAD PIC!!! BLAH BLAH- well first and foremost I EDIT!!!! I DONT allow my friends or family to put up BAD pics-IF  they do I untag-and say WTF get rid of it or I’ll get u back!!! lol U have to catch the LIGHT and SMIZE via Tyra Banks. Take a minute and look around -u want the light hitting u on side or in front of ur face-not coming from the back! LIFT THAT CAMERA UP!!! U look softer and skinnier-find ur best angle and shoot!!!


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  51. You are absolutely gorgeous in every pic!!

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