20131218-083930.jpgI’m not sure where to begin with this whole Beyonce phenomenon-but I can tell you one thing I can’t stop watching-inspired is an understatement-because of watching VIDEOS last night inspired the LOOK TODAY- MY BEYONCE FAUX bob -AND HOW DELICIOUS IS MY LIPSTICK -MELT cosmetics BELLdonna2- matte and feels smooth- Here are some simple steps to achieve this look -curl/wave ur hair super lightly and messy…mine works best dirty as do most girls with medium to thick hair-I only worried about doing the front-then a light back combing/teasing underneath both sides of hair and the crown-used ORIBE DRY Texturizing Spray in the back I took the whole thing in my hands and rolled upward-then the trick- LONG BOBBY PINS-pin underneath where ur holding and then hair pins over top to secure- let the front fall and play around with what works best-finishes with ORIBE Superfine Strong hairspray- love for evening look or like me casual day…heehee


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