IMG_8438GOOOOOOOD MORNING -Spring cleaning anyone???? I’m so happy and relieved that I did this…woke up on Monday and thought THATS IT-IT’S TIME -get ur lazy bum up and get to work…I literally went thru every single thing I owned (in that room) lol took forever and a lot of PILES- but sooooo worth it- 4 bags to Salvation Army and 1 bag to -Regeneration where they buy ur goods if they like them -made $66 ..FUNNNN!!!!! I also organized what I really use everyday for makeup and hair and made it QUICK 2 GRAB–and of course I keep an area of inspiration- family and love-it’s a MUST 4 starting my day–Hopefully this will KICK START U– COLOR COORDINATION- PILES- SHORT 2 LONG- and BE HONEST with yourself -if u really haven’t wore it in the last 2 years LET IT GO LET IT GO!!!!!!!!closet

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  47. Katrina you are amazing! And you’re closet is so badassss!!!

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