MORNINNNNNNNNNN So Im onto my 3rd week on the DIET!!!! It’s hard but it really does feel good…my skin looks awesome and I feel LIGHTER…I TOTALLLLLLY forgot to weigh in when I started so I did the other day and think down about 6 from last weigh in I remember …anyway I’ll take it from here! I just wanted anyone else who’s trying …or trying any diet…I honestly think it’s a BIG MIND GAME- literally with all the candy the cookies…everything around yesterday-it was the FIRST TIME EVER-I didn’t touch one thing…and u know everyone says don’t deprive yourself blah blah…I DON’T AGREE..U MUST…at the beginning it’s cutting all these cravings out and understanding staying healthy PERIOD!!!!! -is THE OBJECTIVE!!!!  So I did it…it’s one day at a time…I just know waking up and feeling clear and lighter is the feeling I want to be obsessed with…STAYING POSITIVE :) here’s dinner I made the other night for my family-Salmon with mostly garlic-pepper & lemon…veggies olive oil-garlic & salt…everyone loved and had leftovers for lunch.atkins

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  47. Way to go girl! Best of luck! It’s funny, can you believe I’m still following the rules of the South Beach Diet?!? Remember when I called you and asked you your thoughts on it?? Atkins and South Beach, in my opinion, are amazing ways of eating because you really can eat healthy–contrary to what most cynics would say, especially about Atkins–and you’re NOT hungry. If you are, then something’s wrong, RIGHT?!? Love you girl, and remember you’re stunning–as you know/he he–at any weight.

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