MARYKTIS THE SEASON- THE WEDDING SEASON- for me it’s a the crazy busy – filled with lots of madness- and  tons of LOVE!!!! I’M IMMEDIATELY drawn to all things wedding at this time because my brother & my sweet Krystal are next ….I fell upon the beautiful and simplistic styling of The Row… their longtime friend and stylist Molly Fishkin got married to producer/director Asher Levin and it was featured on …I loved the romanticism I felt looking thru these pictures… the love and friendship of these women … the care I feel they were putting into the bride- so I was thinking of bridesmaids- and their duties – I constantly see the bride alone because everyone is so consumed with how they look- it’s her day- LET UR GIRL SHINE- pamper and take care of her and make sure that all things are running smoothly…a note to my brides – I GOT U!!!

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