dolceGOOOOOOOD MORNING …..I’ve had a bunch of guys mention …give us some LOVEEEEEE- so here it is-some SPRING LOVE….Mannnnnnnn ohhh Mannnnnn DOLCE’S campaign was by far the sexiest and most refreshing….I mean I guess for me it will always work-they are kindaaaa MY FAVE!!!! I really do think men should give the CREAM-WHITE SUIT a try this Spring/Summer..u can change it up with different shirts-colors-poka dots-stripes-florals-GO FOR IT! BELOW is a variety of inspiration – DON’T BE AFRAID to wear a bright loafer/shoe/PANT..I think it’s totally sophisticated and show’s ur confident in ur style choices! Round sunglasses-rolled up jeans- big casual Tshirts HOTTTTT!!!! NOW PLEASEEEEEE SOME SUNNNNNNN!!!!!!men

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