bridalGOOOOOD MORNING LOVES- this is my beautiful Albanian bride from the beginning of summer….AND I feel like there’s been a nice return of the “UPDO” ..and I’m totally into it…especially if it’s HOT out and u have hours ahead of u…otherwise go prepared to recurl- redo- restyle…I don’t have the magic potion that lasts for eternity when ur hair is down and it’s hot out!!! So be smart and understand the WEATHER is a part of ur day…so that’s why I’m sharing this DO- she fortunately had the longest hair so I was able to build it into this-if u don’t just run out and grab Human Hair extensions..and voila it WILL WORK!!! But the point of her’s is there’s so much softness…u see hair from all sides -so people who are concerned with SHOWING their hair off u still can- there’s fullness- softness- and sexiness…I’ll get back to u on her Makeup soon- Love u ANA!

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