imageSo here we are another year rolls past and this one may have felt like the fastest YET!!! Here’s a pic of me at 18 yrs old and TODAY- how much we change it’s really incredible and beautiful! Some people hate getting older or claiming their Bdays- I’m not one of them- I’m going to be 40 on Sat Oct. 4,2014 and I can honestly say I’m excited! It may seem silly to some- but watching BEYONCE take over the music scene- Miley being so wild and carefree and Britney Jean Spears take on Vegas…all these women made great behind the scenes videos and documentaries that have totally moved and motivated me…I LOVE the creativity the PASSION and mostly the DRIVEEEEEEEEE!!!! I respect the DRIVE!!!! I have gone thru so much in my life and I feel like I’m getting Better – ready for the next phase- I’m dreaming of what this year will hold for me – will I meet someone – will I finally stick to a diet lol – will my business grow even bigger- and most of all will I be the BEST ME I CAN BE????? The answers are YES YES YES AND YES because my heart is open- my mind is clear and I’m so ready to WORK -on every part of it and the rest is up to God – so JESUS take the wheel and BRING IT!!!! HAPPPPPPPPPPPPY NEW YEAR -I wish u ALL excitement- adventure-joy-strength-health-wealth and everything delicious in every way possible!!!!quotes

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  46. I love everything you said! And I love you! Happy new year!!! And Omg that wedding pic!!!! Lol lol lol

  47. Katrina, I wish you nothing but the best a year from now you will be laughing of joy to everything that have accomplish and I’m sure every goal, wish that you have set yourself for will be accomplish. I only know you from what I read on your time line, your website your pictures, and I can honestly say that you have a big heart, that’s why I wish you nothing but the best. God Bless You.

    Oh I almost forgot, my birthday is Thursday and one of my wishes is to meet you some day!

    Take care,


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